Minutes from network meeting in Iceland,


Attendees: 11

1. Convener opens the meeting

2. Information · Send an e-mail to Veronica (veronica.sulau@fridaskolan.se ) or Jaana (jaana.nehez@hh.se) if you would like to get information regarding the network

· Improved budget enables meetings between conferences or pre-conference

· 20 % rejection rate on abstracts – many attendees this year (861) · There’s a website for the network (https://neranetwork24.wordpress.com/ ). Veronica and Jaana are updating the information about the network there

· Suggestions on activities between and adjacent to the conference are presented

· The dinner the night before the conference was appreciated (especially for first time attendees)

· There was a suggestion to have a Zoom meeting before the conference to network and possibly organize a symposium together (perhaps to AERA)

· E-mail Veronica if you have further suggestions for network activities

3. Meeting ends

School development – network 24

Welcome to the school development network!

If you want to join the network, send an e-mail to jaana.nehez@hh.se, and you will be added to the networks’ mailing list

Upcoming events:

  • NERA 2022 will be held June 1st to June 3rd at the School of Education in Reykjavik, Iceland
  • January 15th 2022 is the deadline for applications for NERA 2022
  • Network meeting 2021: Unfortunately, only a few people attended this year’s network meeting. However, some thoughts were raised, which we would like to discuss further. One suggestion was to widen the network title to also include Professional learning. This would perhaps be a more suitable distinction in relation to the content of the studies involved. Another suggestion was to arrange some sort of network activity, especially since the NERA board has decided on the possibility of getting economic support.
  • Zoom-meeting Friday May 13th at 13.00-14.30 (CET): To discuss the issues raised at the network meeting 2021, we would like to invite you all to a joint zoom-meeting prior to the next NERA conference. This meeting would also fulfill an important aim of “getting to know” one another in the network. If you are interested in taking part in this meeting, please send an email veronica.sulau@fridaskolan.se